Solutions for accurate and meaningful use of motion sensor information.

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We Are Moprim

Our daily activities creates a huge amount of motion based data. It is related to how we use public transport, how we drive and what type of sports we do on our free time. Until now the collection and utilisation of this data has been a big challenge, but now the technology is maturing for this.


Mobile Applications

We use many mobile applications which would work much better if they could utilise the motion sensor data more accurately. For example in mobility applications, knowing the transportation mode at certain point of time will be important piece of information to give better guidance to commuter about modality options available.


Wearables with motion sensing capabilities will create a big market for various applications. Already now we have fitness applications which can recognise walking and running pretty accurately. In the near future, they can also tell much more about your golf swing or tennis serve based on the motion data produced.

Big Data

Need to utilise the motion data creates also huge potential for big data. Smart cities want more accurate information how people are actual using the transport infrastructure and insurance companies and car fleet owners are interested in people’s driving behaviour. In latter case, better drivers will get discounts on their insurance or rental fees.