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How TMD benefits Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

September 5, 2016
TMD stands for Transport Mode Detection recognizing both motorized and non-motorized modalities based on accelerometer data from mobile phone. This will significantly improve MaaS services with more accurate modality recognition and better user experience. Urbanization and digitalization are

Motivation for the motion sensor data analysis

August 10, 2016
Different kind of motion sensors, like accelerometers and gyroscopes are available in wide varieties. They are usually very cheap, consuming little power, and are now embedded to our daily devices. These sensors have the capability of sensing our motion, but unfortunately not widely used. We want

Vision for the future of motion sensing

August 10, 2016
Digitalization of the physical world is evident and happening faster than expected. Basis for the motion sensing solutions already exists in the form of connected networks, hardware and sensors. This paradigm is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet many recent research reports1