Our Products

MOPRIM TMD is software as a service (SaaS) based transport mode detection tool.

MOPRIM TMD recognizes in real-time different types of modalities such as walking, cycling, driving, riding a metro or tram or taking a bus.
The key advantage of MOPRIM TMD is that recognition relies only on commodity sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope that can be found in current smart phones and wearable devices. It enables application developers to avoid extensive use of GPS tracking which is both energy consuming and privacy disruptive.
MOPRIM TMD Engine can be easily integrated to any application. The recognition is lightweight and can be run on device without data connectivity.

 Applications Examples

The motivation for the service is the growing need in different kind of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) based services that requires reliable information in a near real-time about the recognized transportation mode in order to serve their own customers with the right product offering.

Insurance companies and ride sharing service providers are interested about the driving behaviour of their customers and drivers. With MOPRIM TMD we are able to recognise when people are really in the car and enabling to record the events which are relevant.

People are very keen on recording their daily activities. MOPRIM TMD can improve the accuracy of the recognition different modalities and help users to collect relevant data more easily.